Planning Board


“The primary purpose of this Board is planning for the production and maintenance of a satisfactory living environment in the Village of Delhi, in the broadest sense of what term.  This means good housing, in good neighborhoods, properly fitted to a convenient and efficient physical structure for the entire community, satisfactorily situated with respect to sound economic opportunity and adequately provided with those facilities and services that contribute to social integrity, cultural advancement and spiritual satisfaction.”

-from the State of New York booklet

“The General Community Plan” adapted

The Planning Board meets the first (1st) Tuesday at 6:00 pm at the Village Hall.  The Planning Board consists of 7 (seven) appointed members, and serves the Village as specified in § 7-718 of the New York State Village Law and all other applicable provisions of the Village Law.  These members are appointed to a 7-year term with no more than one (1) term expiring in any given year.

The Planning Board is primarily responsible for providing advisory recommendations to the Village Board on matters related to community planning and zoning.  Members and the chairperson of such planning board shall be appointed by the mayor subject to the approval of the board of trustees.

General duties and responsibilities of members:

  1. Zoning Ordinances
  2. By-Laws - (final approval by Board of Trustees)
  3. Rules and regulations (Policies)
  4. Village Master Plan
  5. Municipal Laws
  6. Zoning Map
  7. Subdivisions
  8. Site plan review

Planning Board / Term Expiration

Duane Sturdevant Chair – 2021
David Curley- Vice Chair- 2023
Andrea Ghersi- 2027
Eric Efthimiou- 2026
Dave Kopecek- 2023
Jean Krzyston- 2024
Heather Phelps Lipton-2025
David Wakin- perm. Alt. - 2022

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