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The Delhi Village Historian’s mission is to foster appreciation of the history of the village by providing further education, promoting access and encouraging preservation of Delhi's rich history.

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Stories from the Village Historian: The Life of Delhi's Edgerton House Hotel

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The grand pillared Edgerton House Hotel once stood on Main Street in Delhi, taking up the lot next door to what we now know as Stewart's Department store. Built from 1845-47 on the site of an earlier tavern, E.H. Edgerton's popular hotel enjoyed a long and interesting life, changing hands numerous times while continuing to be a mainstay of the village's history. 

Besides being a lodging and dining place, the Edgerton housed other businesses within its walls. In… Read More

Stories from the Village Historian: Explosion Felt In Delhi

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On February 14, 1974, a blast was felt in Delhi from miles away in Oneonta in the evening, as the Delaware and Hudson railroad experienced a massive disaster. At about 5 p.m., seven of eight 100-ton propane gas tankers derailed about a mile southeast of Colliersville, over 20 miles from Delhi. The delayed explosion that occurred following the derailment unfortunately gave officials, responders and bystanders time to arrive at the scene, hence 56 people were injured as the… Read More

Stories from the Village Historian: Smalley Theatre

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In 2012, folks were treated to a fascinating presentation on the lost Smalley's Theatre which used to stand on Kingston Street. Presented by the Delhi Historical Society, "Mick" McGrade of Delhi presented memories, photos and old news items on the old theatre as his dad, Larry, had served as manager of the theatre from 1944 to the early '60s and the family accumulated numerous artifacts as well as memories from those years.

Shut down in 1963, the theatre, owned at… Read More


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