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Main Street Banner Application

Service Provider


1. Apply to Village Clerk with a letter stating:

  • The dates you wish the banner to hang and the size of the banner
  • Details of what the banner will say
  • Indication that the Delhi Telephone Co. has been contacted and has agreed to hang the banner up and take it down.

2. Banner Specifics

  • Requests must be submitted within the year you wish to have your banner flown. No preference shall be given to any banners, any organizations or any events.
  • No advertisements or commercial sponsorship names shall appear on the banner.
  • All banners should be a standard size (3 feet x 30 feet).
  • All banners shall be of high quality to withstand the weather conditions.

3. A banner shall fly no more than fourteen (14) days per year.

4. Banners must be removed within five (5) business days after an event.

5. There will be no more than two (2) banners up at any one time

You will need


  1. Apply to the Village Clerk as stated above.
  2. Follow Banner Specifics above
  3. Present banner for initial approval by the Board
  4. The “Welcome” banner shall fly for five (5) non-consecutive 2 week periods.
  5. Follow Guidelines 4 and 5 above