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Multiple Dwelling Identification and Registration Permit

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(From Chapter 184, Delhi Village Codes)

Includes a dwelling which is either rented, leased, let or hired out to be occupied or is occupied as the temporary or permanent residence or home of three or more families living independently of each other.

Not more than four unrelated persons living together or any number of individuals related by blood, marriage or adoption living together as a single housekeeping unit, using rooms and housekeeping facilities in common and having such meals as they may eat at home generally prepared and eaten together.

A. Every owner of a multiple dwelling as above defined shall file with the Village Clerk, within 60 days after the adoption of this chapter, a written registration statement on forms to be supplied by the Village Clerk, containing the following information. A link is also available on this website to download the registration form.

B. Any registration statement or designation of a managing agent required to be filed with the Village Clerk by any owner or lessee of a multiple dwelling under the provisions of this section shall be signed by such owner or lessee or, if such owner or lessee is a corporation, by an officer thereof.

C. Any such registration statement or designation of a managing agent shall be deemed prima facie proof of the statements therein contained in any criminal prosecution instituted by a Village agency against the owner or managing agent of a multiple dwelling.

More information can be found at our link to Delhi Village Codes, Chapter 184. You may also contact our Code Enforcement Officer at 607-746-2622