Village Clerk’s office will be closing at 12:00 pm on Tuesday 6/18/2024 and will reopen at 9:00 am on Wednesday 6/19/2024


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Annual Drinking Water Quality Report 2023.pdf Water and Sewer Other
planning-board-meeting-2024-03-05.pdf Planning Board Minutes
planning-board-meeting-2024-05-07.pdf Planning Board Agenda
Banner Guideline.pdf Clerk's Office Checklist
Download the flyer. Clerk's Office Other
board-meeting-2024-04-15.pdf Board of Trustees Agenda
What To Do After A Boil Water Notice Is Lifted Water and Sewer Other
DA NHS Run from Hunger Flyer.pdf Clerk's Office Other
NYS Dept of Health Boil Water Fact Sheet.pdf Water and Sewer Other
Checklist Residents and Homeowners.pdf Water and Sewer Other
LL#1_tax_cap_override 2024.pdf Board of Trustees Other
Village Election Example Ballot 2024.pdf Board of Trustees Other
planning-board-meeting-2024-03-05.pdf Planning Board Agenda
planning-board-meeting-2023-11-07.pdf Planning Board Minutes
board-meeting-2024-01-22.pdf Board of Trustees Agenda
board-meeting-2023-02-26.pdf Board of Trustees Agenda
board-meeting-2023-12-18.pdf Board of Trustees Agenda
Complete Streets Climate Smart Communities Task Force Other
NYS Unified Solar Permit Code Enforcement Application
board-meeting-2023-11-20.pdf Board of Trustees Agenda
csc-task-force-meeting-2023-10-20.pdf Climate Smart Communities Task Force Minutes
planning-board-meeting-2023-11-7.pdf Planning Board Agenda
Village Building Permit Fee Schedule 2023-10-16.pdf Code Enforcement Other
board-meeting-2023-10-16.pdf Board of Trustees Agenda
General Procedure for Site Plan Review.pdf Planning Board Application
Site Plan Representative Form.pdf Planning Board Application
SEQR-short.pdf Planning Board Application
Site Plan Application.pdf Planning Board Application
FEE SCHEDULE_0.pdf Planning Board Application
Application Guide for Site Plan Review.pdf Planning Board Application
board-meeting-2023-09-18.pdf Board of Trustees Agenda
Water & Sewer Billing & Rates Water & Street Committee Other
planning-board-meeting-2023-09-05.pdf Planning Board Minutes
board-meeting-2023-01-05.pdf Board of Trustees Minutes
special-meeting-2023-01-17.pdf Board of Trustees Minutes
board-meeting-2023-02-02.pdf Board of Trustees Minutes
budget-meeting-2023-02-07.pdf Board of Trustees Minutes
budget-meeting-2023-02-08.pdf Board of Trustees Minutes
budget-meeting-2023-02-28.pdf Board of Trustees Minutes
board-meeting-2023-03-02.pdf Board of Trustees Minutes
organizational-meeting-2023-04-03.pdf Board of Trustees Minutes
board-meeting-2023-04-17.pdf Board of Trustees Minutes
board-meeting-2023-05-15.pdf Board of Trustees Minutes
water-systems-improvement-bid-opening-2023-05-17.pdf Board of Trustees Minutes
special-meeting-2023-05-31.pdf Board of Trustees Minutes
speedzone-public-workshop-2023-06-08.pdf Board of Trustees Minutes
board-meeting-2023-06-26.pdf Board of Trustees Minutes
board-meeting-2023-07-17.pdf Board of Trustees Minutes
planning-board-meeting-2023-07-11.pdf Planning Board Minutes
planning-board-meeting-2023-07-05.pdf Planning Board Minutes