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planning-board-meeting-2023-07-11.pdf Planning Board Minutes
planning-board-meeting-2023-07-05.pdf Planning Board Minutes
planning-board-meeting-2023-06-06.pdf Planning Board Minutes
planning-board-meeting2023-05-02.pdf Planning Board Minutes
planning-board-meeting-2023-04-04.pdf Planning Board Minutes
planning-board-meeting-2023-03-07.pdf Planning Board Minutes
planning-board-meeting-2023-02-07.pdf Planning Board Minutes
planning-board-meeting-2022-10-04_0.pdf Planning Board Minutes
planning-board-meeting-2022-09-06.pdf Planning Board Minutes
planning-board-meeting-2023-08-01.pdf Planning Board Minutes
planning-board-agenda-2023-09-05.pdf Planning Board Agenda
Boundary Line Adjustment Acceptance Form Planning Board Other
Boundary Line Adjustment Form Planning Board Other
Boundary Line Adjustment Policy Planning Board Other
Boundary Line Adjustment Fee Schedule Planning Board Other
Summer Volleyball Program Recreation/Joint Services Committee Other
SUNY Delhi Pool.pdf Clerk's Office Other
Village Budget 2023-2024.pdf Clerk's Office Budget
Tennis Lessons.pdf Recreation/Joint Services Committee Other
Beavers.pdf Mayor's Office Other
Legal Notice 2.pdf Board of Trustees Other
Legal Notice 1.pdf Board of Trustees Other
Election Ballot_0.pdf Clerk's Office Other
DELHIPD pistol class.odt Police Department Other
Election Ballot.pdf Clerk's Office Other
Letter from DC Finance Committee.pdf Mayor's Office Other
Board-meeting-2022-09-01.pdf Board of Trustees Minutes
Tentative Agenda- Jan 5, 2023 Board Meeting Mayor's Office Agenda
Tentative Agenda for January 5, 2023 Monthly Meeting Mayor's Office Agenda
Basic Firearms Training Class Police Department Other
Parking Study: Public Hearing Slide Show Board of Trustees Other
Delhi Chicken Law DRAFT 7.9.22.pdf Board of Trustees Resolution
Parking Study Link Board of Trustees Other
Water Sewer Leak Policy.pdf Water and Sewer Other
planning-board-meeting-2022-10-04.pdf Planning Board Minutes
Board-meeting-2022-07-07.pdf Board of Trustees Minutes
Board-meeting-2022-07-11.pdf Board of Trustees Minutes
Board-meeting-2022-06-13.pdf Board of Trustees Minutes
Board-meeting-2022-06-02.pdf Board of Trustees Minutes
Board-meeting-2022-05-05.pdf Board of Trustees Minutes
Board-meeting-2022-04-18.pdf Board of Trustees Minutes
Board-meeting-2022-04-04.pdf Board of Trustees Minutes
Board-meeting-2022-03-28 Board of Trustees Minutes
Village Special Meeting Board of Trustees Minutes
Board-meeting-2022-08-04 Board of Trustees Minutes
Sidewalk Report Code Enforcement Other
2021 Village Annual Water Report Water and Sewer Other
3050 Use of Force Police Department Other
Village of Delhi Budget 2022-20223.pdf Clerk's Office Budget
Delhi Village Sign Application.pdf Code Enforcement Application