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Additional information regarding beavers in Village

Posted: 05/30/23 ()

To All Village Residents: In response to my original article regarding beavers in the Village, I have received some additional information from a Village resident  who also had beavers on their property.  They used conduits in their dams and put wire fencing around the trees that they didn't want destroyed, which frustrated the beavers, causing them to leave. Drowning them is cruel and inhumane and it would take hours for them to die.  There is an organization outside of… more

For all Village residents: Regarding beavers in the Village

Posted: 05/17/23 ()

Letter from Delaware County Board of Supervisors

Posted: 02/21/23 ()

Response letter from the Delaware County Board of Supervisors in regards to the January 18, 2023 meeting with Mayor Samudrala and Village of Delhi Community Coalition requesting funds for the Village of Delhi. 


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